Google Has Yet to Convince Me to Give Up My iPhone

For the most hyped device release this side of the mythical Apple Tablet, the birth of the Nexus One has left me uninspired. I tried to get hyped: before 9:00 am this morning, I’d already heard/read about the potential game-changing mobile device from three separate media outlets. Of course, two of those stories were delivered via my iPhone…which seems to undercut the Nexus One’s very raison d’etre.

I already have a mobile phone that works just fine for me. Pretty damn well, at least much of the time. My complaints about the iPhone (carrier issues asidelooking at you, Rogers) don’t feel like they are being solved by the unfortunately named Nexus One. Credit where credit is due: I do dig the idea of a legally unlocked device but it doesn’t do a lot of good for us Canucks. If Google decides to sell the N to the 1 up here, they are going to have to deal with the wireless limitations of the Great White North and figure out how to work with multiple carriers.

It’s not that I don’t think the N1 is interesting. I guess it is. It just…isn’t really interesting enough. I’m not even fired up that it’s not available in Canada. No multi-touch? For maps and (dare I say it) eReading? No real distinguishing features other than the Google brand? Yawn. Call me there’s something really new on the mobile market. I’ll answer with my iPhone.