O'Reilly Announces New E-Book Conference

As the BookNetter in charge of running the BNC Tech Forum, I’ve often thought the only way our annual conference could be better is if I didn’t have to strap on heels, make-up and generally just look better than I would if I were just sitting around in my pajamas all day. O’Reilly Media has found a way to bring the best of the conference and lounging world togetheran e-book conference that you can participate in remotely.

More exciting news: as a TOC media sponsor, we’ve got discount codes for our loyal blog readers. To get 25% off the ticket price, please email us at media@booknetcanada.ca before Wednesday, September 9th, 2009.

The big issues on the agenda include:

  • E-Book Pricing: Is $9.99 the new price for ebooks? How can publishers add value and increase margins with ebooks?
  • What Do Readers Want? How are readers responding to e-books and the plethora of new devices? What do they think of our efforts to date?
  • The Future of Electronic Reading: E-Books, e-readers, and Beyond: This presentation will cover the current state of the art in e-books and e-readersdiscussing the technologies currently at play and those coming in the near future.

Some great speakers, including Tech Forum alumni Neelan Choksi of Lexcycle and Hugh McGuire of BookOven, will be sharing their opinions.

Go to http://en.oreilly.com/tocfall09 to register or find out more.