B&N Officially Joins E-Reader Race

After the announcement earlier this summer of the new Barnes and Noble eBookstore, it was only a matter of time before a device partnership was made formal.

Despite the persistent rumours that it would be (only) be Plastic Logic getting the B&N stamp, news came today that iRex would (also?) be developing the brand new reader for the eBookstore.

From the brief mention of Plastic Logic (“B&N will add the new consumer IREX device to the forthcoming Plastic Logic e-reading device slated to be debut next year.” via PW), it sounds like Barnes and Noble are hedging their bets to make sure they have a reader as soon as possible.

More from Publishers Weekly:

IREX plans to release a new digital reader targeting the American market that will have an 8.1” screen, stylus-touchscreen and 3G (phone network) wireless connectivity. The new consumer-focused device will be unveiled later this year and will apparently support the ePub format standard for e-books that has been adopted by the B&N eBookstore.

Price and details on release of the iRex device are still to come.