BookCamp Vancouver Is Live!

After only about 12 hours of being live, BookCamp Vancouver already has a whack of great attendees, some excellent session suggestions and a whole lot more.

If you’re a West Coaster or you can make the trek out for October 16th, it will be worth it. BookCamp organizers and attendees are already raring to go…

From the BookCamp Van wiki:

BookCamp Vancouver is a user-generated unconference that brings print publishers, educators, community builders and the tech community togetherfor free! BookCamp Vancouver is an opportunity to explore the present and future of books and book-like technologies. It’s open to anyone interested in the publishing industry and the potential dynamics of the reader/creator/publisher relationship.

Join us for a day of sharing new ideas, radical notions and engaging conversation! We’ll consider the future of the Book as an object; examine its ongoing role as a delivery mechanism for stories, information and entertainment; and examine how publishers can leverage themselves for success in the digital age.

Get more information and register here