Marketing, Canadian Style: More Awesome, Less Dollars

No one told me but apparently this week was not only Earth Week, but also Cool Canadian Book Campaign week.

First off, Shortcovers. The promotion ends today so if you haven’t gotten your copy yet, now is the time.

From press release:

This marks the first time a Canadian publisher has made a new release available digitally in its entirety for no charge through the Shortcovers distribution channel.

Next, Tightrope Books author Sean Stanley gets major play for his less-than-traditional marketing campaign: “Help a Canadian Author Buy Beer, Get Sex”. I really, really wish I could embed his video but it is not at all safe for work. SeriouslyI’m warning you. (But what would an effective lure be without a link? Man, these apples are delicious.)

Who says you need lots of money to make the marketing wheels turn? Nice work, I say.