BNC Technology Forum: Twitter Style

More detailed analysis of the BNC Technology Forum 2009 is coming but a potent combo of scarce sleep, a long to-do list and one or two glasses of wine (ahem) at the cocktail reception leave me less than poignant today. And so, let’s let the Twitterverse do the talking for now…

The Quotes

meghanmac: “XML is never going to be more exciting than here today!” Steve Paxhia, The Gilbane Group #bnc09

seenreading: @mtamblyn when was the last time you saw “beta” on a pub site? #bnc09

meghanmac: “Plastic Logic is like Jesus. It will save the world, but only 12 people have seen it and no one knows when it’s coming.” #bnc09

danwagstaff: #bnc09 - @neelan from Stanza: Experiment. Find out what works for you. Be bold.

seenreading: #bnc09 Stanza says 31% read in bed, 29% commuting. Clearly we need mobile beds.

rjwheaton: @bookoven: architecture of Internet is aggregation/availability of expressions that would otherwise be transient. Share the love! #bnc09

rjwheaton: Insomniac P: make content available in any form readers want. AND “in a form that will stand the test of time”. Balance value of form #bnc09

The Evolution

Kristu_Du: Difference between this and ‘07 (I skipped ‘08): detractors of DRM weren’t accused of seal-clubbing/watermelon filching. Progress! #bnc09

mdash: At bnc07, no one brought their laptops. At #bnc09 a dozen people have computers all apples.

The Reviews

RJO: You know you had a full day when your iPhone battery is dead. Thanks booknet Canada for a great day #bnc09

danwagstaff: #bnc09 @neelan I’m all in favour of speed-presentations. I think we should have stop-clocks.

andrewsavikas: @bookoven totally gets that reader attention, not content, is the real scarce resource #bnc09

rjwheaton: Great clarity and honesty from Michael Connor. Challenges of retooling as innovators (esp. small publishers). #bnc09

stanza_reader: Impressive description of efforts by harlequin on their experimentation, communications with readers, promotion at #bnc09

rjwheaton: Happy that Presentation Zen has showed up here at #bnc09 courtesy of Craig Riggs.

And the Random…

rjwheaton: Worst washroom music ever at #bnc09. Kenny G’s mom wouldn’t listen to that stuff.

janinelaporte: Downloaded free ebook of cory doctorows Brothers from stanza to iPod while at #bnc09

danwagstaff: #bnc09 So great to hear someone whose background isn’t publishing AND isn’t a dick talk about publishing @neelan


If you’re hungry for more Tech Forum goodies, Quill and Quire has a great review on their blog and Dan Wagstaff and Stephanie of Book Oven have some great posts on their sites as well.

You can also grab presentation slides at or sign up for the eNewsletter to be notified when video is going up.

That’s it for the week! More to come on Monday…