Free Books on Your Phone: TextNovel

If you’re an author looking for readers, a publisher looking for talent, or a booklover looking for a new way to find books and read them, might be worth checking out the beta site textnovel.

As the textnovelites explain:

Textnovel is a community of authors and readers using the Internet, cellphones, emails and text messaging to experience a new way to create, read and share fiction and other stories. Here are some unique things members can do on textnovel:
  • Create and add to your story on the website, by email or by text. Write your story from your cellphone!
  • Read the story on your cellphone! Get notifications as new chapters are added by your friends or favorite authors, either by email or text message or both.
  • Make your story private or public. Use a pen name or your own name.
  • Invite co-authors to contribute to and help you write your story.
  • Get noticedtextnovel gives you the power to invite others from your address book to view and rate or review your story, moving you up in the rankings and increasing your chance of winning or getting published.
  • Create or read a story, novel or comic in serial form (add a chapter at a time).
  • Win big! Textnovel offers cash prizes to winners and publishing opportunities.

No need to buy an eReader eitherif you have a cellphone or an email account, you get excerpts delivered to you when you’re on the go. You can also read as much as has been published online from your web browser.