Zoho Saves Trees, Time, and Postage

Zoho.com, an up and comer in the world of online document creation, offers a wide selection of document types that you can create online, manage and share with your colleagues and friends.

The usual suspectsWord-like text documents, Excel-like spreadsheets and Power Point-esque slide showsare all here but Zoho also offers Chat, Web Applications, Wikis, Invoices and a lot more.

It’s not quite as hand holding as other online document creation tools…there’s a little bit more guessing as to whether the thing you tried to do (i.e. share a document with a colleague) actually happened. But there are enough cool features (in-text comments, for example) that make it worth a look especially if you’re trying to save on printing costs, getting frustrated by your current version control method or working with folks who are geographically divided though project-united.

Check it out at www.zoho.com