Kindle Killer? First You Need Books

The Plastic Logic eReader (loyal BNC blog readers will remember it as the one you can hit with a shoe) is getting noticed. Which is great. What would be even greater is if the attention the cool prototype is getting was also tied to a release date, some content arrangements with publishers and a price tag:

From Gizmodo: While the device seems solid and ready for manufacturing, the only question here is when is this actually coming out, the price, and what kind of content support it will have from publishers. Which is why, for now, it just looks like a Kindle killer, rather than being the Kindle killer.

Gadget geeks: eReaders that look good have done about 10% of the job. Looking at a blank screen nestled in that funky, ergonomic device might be thrilling for a day or two but the joy will wane without reasonably priced, varied and easy to get content. Amazon’s Kindle works because it’s built on a base of books.

Let me know when we have content and I’ll stop thinking of this device as being whackable and start thinking about it as being workable.

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