BNC PubFighting: This Time, It's Personal

BookNet Canada’s PubFight auction was held last night and with the added layer of historical reference for some of the players, equal parts fiery passion and measured restraint were in the mix.

Ten teams have entered this year’s game. 7 veterans of last year’s BetaBattle and 4 newcomers to the PubFightin’ faced off for almost four hours last night (one of our teams has two members). The results were as follows:

Highest Advance (Non-Fiction and Overall): $70,000

Highest Advance (Fiction): $50,000 (two way tie)

Highest Advance (Juvenile): $30,000 (and it’s not the title you think)

Average Advance: $18,250

Stay tuned for photos, a summary of the BC Publishers Auction and a wrap up of all six battles with top three titles from every league!!