Facebook Connect: Good...or Scary?

As the promise of Web 2.0collaborate, share and connect!continues to be delivered within websites, Facebook Connect offers a somewhat natural expansion: if sharing with your friends inside the site is great, isn’t sharing your friends with other sites greater? Let me explain…

Whether you’re the kind of person who has a carefully cultivated garden of contacts or a rampant, jungle-like explosion of ‘friends’ from every job/school/club of which you’ve ever been a part, one of the benefits of your social network is finding out what your folks are up to sharing cool things you’ve found with them.

Posting links take you part of the way but Facebook Connect offers a way to allow corporate sites are able to access your friend graph to be able to share your activity on their site. It will show up in your feed and profile, offering a way to share what’s happening outside of Facebook inside Facebook.

But are the creators of Beacon the right people for the job? Read a great article on ReadWriteWeb here.