Ipsos Reid Study Shows Adults Leading the Way

The Ipsos Inter@ctive Reid Report claims to be the largest, most comprehensive and authoritative source for quarterly internet trends in Canada. The latest report points out some interesting facts:

2007 Fast Facts

  • In an average week adults spend 19 hours online while teens spend 13 hours online
  • Internet-enabled Canadians aware of an online social network spend an average of 4 hours per week browsing and/or using such websites
  • 38% of Internet Canadians say they have trouble keeping up with all of the email they receive. This is down slightly from 44% in 2006.

  • Since 1995, Ipsos has been tracking the “who, what, and why” of Internet usage and attitudes among Canadians. Every quarter, they add a new series of questions to the survey to stay on top of current trends and address our clients’ changing needs.

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