O'Reilly to Support EPUB

Andrew Savikas over at O’Reilly says that it is obvious that the ebook market is changing and with that observation the publisher known for their embrace of new technology has made public their intention to support EPUB, PDF, and Kindle-compatible Mobipocket formats.

First, through oreilly.com we will offer a select number of books as a bundle of three ebook formats (EPUB, PDF, and Kindle-compatible Mobipocket) for a single priceat or below the book’s cover pricestarting in early July. Since we began selling PDFs directly some time ago, we’ve given those customers free updates to the PDFs to reflect published changes in the books; the same will apply to the ebook bundle, which will replace the PDF option on those titles. That also means that although the ebooks aren’t yet available, if you buy the PDF now, you’ll receive the EPUB and Mobipocket versions as a free update once they’re available in early July. These files (like all our PDFs currently for sale) will be released without any DRM, though we are exploring some custom watermarking options. With these three formats, customers should be able to read the books with most current ebook software and devices, including Adobe Digital Editions, Kindle, Blackberries, and Sony Reader (Sony announced in May that EPUB support is forthcoming in a firmware update for their Reader).

Second, O’Reilly has agreed to sell select ebooks for the Kindle through Amazon. We hope to see those ebooks available for sale through the Kindle store in the near future.

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