BEC: Our Morning in Another Country

Live from BEC conference 2008, Another Country: Creative Borders, Globalism and the Age of Collaboration.

Heard from Richard Florida as the morning keynote.

Big Ideas

  • Institutionalized education needs to evolve or it won’t survive. Academia is not supporting the creative class
  • Three things are necessary for individual/global fulfillment: challenging and nurturing work, relationships and location.
  • Countries that focus on creative empowerment will succeed in the global economy.

No time for commentary now but rest assured, we will be sharing our thoughts on the presentations later.

Boundary-Busting Panel

  • Smalll local publishers should get closer to readers than to booksellers (yikesgeneral unease at this one)
  • Ben Vershbow: Boundaries are being blurred for books as bound items (except as fetish object)
  • Globalization as two way street really only applies to English language marketfor non-English speakers, it’s one channel in but no real channels out.

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