For Those About to Tweet, We Salute You!

Okay, if you aren’t on twitter then you’re not following Tim O’Reilly as he microblogs the D: All Things Digital conference. If you were then you would have seen a short blast about stats re; The Kindle. And then you could have gone to his blog for more details. Or you can read his post here…

Rather than liveblogging, I am twittering the D: All Things Digital Conference. Follow timoreilly on twitter. I’m increasingly finding twitter much better than blogging for sharing quick hits and links.

One bit of news from this morning that deserves a bit of extended comment: Jeff Bezos finally gives a bit of a stat on Kindle sales, to wit, that kindle sales represent 6% of all Amazon sales for the 125,000 titles that are available on kindle. Of course, some of those may be kindle-only titles. That’s the average across all titles on Kindle, not the result for individual titles. (We have that same problem with reporting on sales from Safari. We’re currently at 18% of all sales coming through Safari, but for any individual title, results might range from 0 to 100%. There are many older titles for which Safari represents more than 50% of sales. See Long Tail Results from Google Book Search and Safari for more details.)

Jeff didn’t make clear whether the stat he quoted was in units or dollars. I suspect the former.