PubFight Breaks the Big Time

We all knew it would come…the game us BookNetters have been enthralled with since last June is now breaking out of 215 Spadina and into the big old industry:

BookNet starts “PubFight”

As Michael mentioned in a previous post, the BNC Tech Forum 2008 was PubFight’s national debut. What started with curiousity (“What the heck is PubFight?”) moved to chuckles and even guffawsyes, guffawsafter Michael Tamblyn and Noah Genner shared their story (“Michaela six figure loss? Really?”) and finished with the thrill of anticipation (“Where do I sign up?”).

Luckily, my secret publishing house identity was not revealed although I will say that if our BetaBattle had cut off somewhere around mid-October, someone with the initials of MC coulda been a contender.