Jingle Tweets, Jingle Tweets

If you’re looking for some social media primers to keep you warm in this last month o’the year, you’ve come to the right place.

O’Reilly Media brings you a free webcast hosted by Chris Brogan all about Social Media for Publishers:

Meet with Chris Brogan for a not-too-techy and not-too-light dive into the world of social media from the mindset of a publisher. Learn how he views the tools and how they apply to the work that you have on your plate for 2009. Leave the presentation with at least three things that will give you immediate results.

The webcast is on Tuesday, December 16 and you can register here.

Next up, if you’re looking for more info on why or how Twitter might work for you, academics at HP Lab group have done a pretty major research project on the mini-blog site. Check out the highlights here.