Amazon Remembers: Make It Easy for Your Customer

Amazon releases an iPhone/iPod Touch app today that shows just how well they understand how the potential of smartphones.

The app itself is not revolutionary (at base, it’s just a way for people to browse products available at Amazon and subsidiaries). However, a new feature called Amazon Remembers allows consumers to snap a pic of a product, upload it to Amazon and have Amazon products like it shown to them.

It’s clunky now (you might not get a response for 24 hours) but the potential is huge. Email works because I can do it at the beach, in bed or in the boardroomeCommerce has to offer the same interaction instantaneously. This is how customer/retailer collaboration really works.

The customer will explicitly share her needs with youbut only if you can meet them exactly and immediately. If she trusts you, she will stop making you work as hard to reach her and start coming to you. Big promises mean big payoffs if you can deliver.