The iRead31: A Month of Paperless, iPhone-Only Reading

Okay, it isn’t as if I’m suspended upside down in a block of ice over Times Square, but as a compulsive, constant reader, anything that interferes with my daily diet of print is not taken lightly. Even so, this December I am embarking on The iRead31a month where all my print needs must be taken care of by the iPhonebooks, magazines, newspapers, everything. It’s less about the technology and more about how the act of reading changes when you flip from paper to a little LCD screen. (You may remember last year’s experiment with the Sony Reader, parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.)

The first two posts are here:
The iRead31: 31 Days, All Reading on the iPhone Only - starts tonight!
The iRead31: Day 5 of an iPhone-only Month of Reading

and you can follow the updates in near-real-time on my Twitter feed:

Wish me luck!