XML in Adobe Creative Suite: Mark Logic Digital Summit

At Mark Logic Digital Publishing Summit in NYC, we’re diving deep into new workflow for publishing. Be warned…what follows is a dive into the nerdhole.

XMPthe extensible Metadata Platform…basically XML for Metadata.

This is an open standard that Adobe is using to create ‘smart assets’ by embedding XML metadata in binary files.

  • It’s file format neutral and it accommodates industry standards.
  • Customizable to metadata schema.
  • Can be used to insert copyright information in files

Acrobat PDF + XML = Mars

  • Acrobat PDF can be viewed in XML editor
  • Binary format has been replaced with XML format
  • PDF becomes editable (XML template)

XML in InDesign

  • XML Import: Tag to Style mapping…can help automatically format text
  • Can also be reversed so styles are mapped to tags on export
  • InDesign and InCopy user interface creates bridge between tags/styles. Helps with document control

IDML: InDesign generated documents that can be manipulated/changed outside of InDesign. Formats are understood by other applications.

  • Creates text document from XML database without using InDesign
  • Transforms, replaces and extracts content from InDesign files without InDesign
  • Robust and extensible: preservation of 3rd party data and availability of a spec or a schema
  • Ability to work with existing XML tools
  • Export options include Flash (rich text embedding enabled)
  • These new features also allow export to .epub format. And once it’s in .epub, you can look at Adobe Content Server 4.

Adobe Content Server 4

  • Protects PDFs and reflowable ePub
  • Supports DRM (already supports Sony)