Canadian Marketing Association Digital Marketing Conference

As I finally got my wireless working, I’ll be posting live updates from the Canadian Marketing Association Digital Marketing Conference for the next couple of days.

First up, context. There are about 200 people here, the majority are under 40 and less than 10% are using laptops. I see a bunch of Blackberries and other PDAs but note taking is all happening on ye olde paper pads. These are people who work (or at least have an interest) in the digital worldso why the disconnect?

Steve Levy from Ipsos Reid talks about the emerging digital marketing components and best practices:

Best Practices for Digital Marketing

  • ensure meaningful message
  • listen to customer feedback
  • get permission
  • provide engaging content
  • integrate marketing campaign
  • measure results
  • effectively reach target market
  • be on (relevant) message

Big Messages from Levy

  1. Know your target
  2. Know what to say
  3. Measure your results
  4. Do it ethically