BitTorrent: A Great Marketing Tool?

Content producers aren’t always thrilled when they think about content being ‘released’ on torrent sites. Visions of pirated copies, unauthorized distribution and out-and-out mayhem arise for mostbut not for the University of Seattle’s program director, Dan Morrill. From ReadWriteWeb:

Morrill rated his overall experience as highly satisfying and recommends using BitTorrent as a great content distribution channel… It’s undeniable that BitTorrent can prove to be an effective marketing tool for a cheap price when used correctly.

Nine Inch Nails concluded the same in March of this year when they uploaded part 1 of their 4 part album Ghosts I-IV to numerous BitTorrent sites. It became the #1 most downloaded album on The Pirate Bay, which helped to increase their sales tremendously for the rest of the album.

Interestingly, Morrill’s book was called Selling Books on Amazon so it appears that at least some of those using torrent sites…are authors.

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