80 Books, 8oz. Digital Publishing on Campus

(AKAthe Lost Halifax Digital Presentation)

I was invited by the good people of Campus Stores Canada to speak on trends in electronic publishing and reading devices in early November. Unfortunately, right before I left, my flight (and the flights of many other speakers) was cancelled as a hurricane pasted Nova Scotia with 140km winds, leaving the intrepid CSC attendees in the dark and me at the curb with bagsand presentationin hand.

So we’re going virtual, which has the advantage of opening up the conversation to more people, which is always good. Video + audio, so you can close your eyes and imagine yourself in a cozy Halifax conference room, basking in the powerpoint glow after a buffet lunch. You can download here (47Mb Quicktime, 54Mb Windows MediaHave patience. It can take a few minutes to download, depending on your connection). If you like this, let us know. These are reasonably easy to do, so we can certainly produce these more often if there is demand. Very interested in the comments/thoughts of campus booksellers in the discussion forum below.

(Note: you may have to download a plug-in if you’ve never watched a Quicktime movie before. Your browser should prompt you if necessary.)