The Most Beautiful Graph in Town

We’re big on graphing at BookNet’s Secret Mountain Headquarters, which would be sad if it didn’t bring such joy into our lives, not to mention the lives of those many equally chart-obsessed book industry people we serve. O’Reilly Radar just served up a great link to Juice Analytics. They have declared war on the generic Excel graph, with its battleship grey background and preschool colour scheme, and fielded a host of Excel and PowerPoint chart templates via their Chart Chooser as an alternative. A quote from their blog (via Radar…)

“We call the gap between the data you have and the minds of your decision-makers the ‘last mile’ of business intelligence. It is the chasm that current tools do not bridge.

“They believe reporting is a technical problemwe know turning data into insight that will change your organization is a social problem. You need to tell a story with data and convince your organization to face the right problems.”

Don’t be surprised if you see some of this graphical goodness show up in a BNC Research study sometime soon, as soon as I can knock the Tufte out of their hands and get them back to work…