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Our BiblioShare Web Services provide book data in various forms for blog, retail, media, publisher/distributor, and other websites. If you would like to access data from our BiblioShare database, please fill out this form to receive a token.

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Terms of Service

In order to use the BNC BiblioShare API (and/or the BiblioShare WordPress Plugin), you agree to:

  • Provide attribution, e.g., "Data provided by BNC BiblioShare" or use the "Powered by BiblioShare" icon.
  • Not request any method more than once a second. BookNet Canada tracks all requests made by developers.
  • Not use the API to harvest or index BNC BiblioShare data without our explicit written consent.
  • Not sublicense or redistribute BNC BiblioShare data to any third parties.
  • Not modify or change BNC BiblioShare data, including reviews, in any way. Content may be truncated for display purposes.
  • Not use the BNC BiblioShare data as part of a commercial product without our explicit written consent. If you would like to include BiblioShare data in a commercial product, please contact us.
  • Acknowledge that your developer account can be suspended for any infraction of these terms.
  • Acknowledge that these terms may be updated or amended at any time without prior notice, and that your continued use of the API constitutes your acceptance of the new terms.

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