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CMPTO Considers Digital Content Options

Last week’s CMPTO meetup was all about going digital, but not in an EPUB sense. As multimedia continues to grow and expand, so do the expectations of the people who consume it. Last Wednesday night we had three fantastic speakers, all of whom were able to shed some light on how publishers might begin to view the new digital landscape and what “going digital” means to each of them.

CMPTO Goes Retail

Last week, we hosted CMPTO’s very first retail edition. It was about time we got down to business with the fascinating new avenues of retail that are being introduced or re-introduced in the book market. We had three amazing speakers from vastly different backgrounds and organizations who each brought their own take on what retail means to them and their work.

CMPTO: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Retail!

shopping robot imageThe holidays are an obvious time of year to start thinking about shopping so when we started to think about shopping as our theme for November’s CMPTO meetup we wanted to know how the retail experience is changing. We wanted to look at how technology was affecting the experience of shopping. So on November 19th at the Pilot we tune in to hear from three presenters who are enabling a shifting retailer and consumer experience.