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More intelligence for better business.

Using SalesData gives you actionable information on stock and sales to forecast, reprint, reorder and evaluate with more accuracy than ever before.

SalesData is the only source for comprehensive market intelligence on the Canadian trade print book market. It’s much more than a sales tracking tool. Use it to investigate market trends, identify sales opportunities and discover room for efficiency and speed. We collect POS data from over 2,000 retail outlets across the country and pull it into a system loaded with search functionality to give you the most insight possible.

Made in CanadaSalesData is an industry-led solution for Canada, designed for maximum functionality at a price the Canadian industry can afford.


No information is more critical than the data from BookNet’s SalesData. It’s not the market share or the bestseller lists; leave that to the big guys. For a company the size of ECW, it’s in the details. It’s the weekly sell-through data, that can be aggregated up to a year and broken down by markets, that allow us to gauge the effectiveness of our marketing efforts, and repeat what works. It’s the on-hand data that, when combined with the sell-through, allow us to know when a reprint is needed because books are moving off bookstore shelves (and not just out of stock in the warehouse). It’s the search for data by genre or by binding, for example, that allow us to determine the right price in the marketplace for a new title that we’re publishing. It allows us to be a better publisher, and we could ask for nothing more.

— David Caron, Co-Publisher at ECW Press

Who can use SalesData?

  • Publishers and distributors
  • Wholesalers
  • Sales Agents
  • Retailers of all shapes and sizes (it’s free for all contributing retailers!)
  • Librarians
  • Library Wholesalers
  • Literary Agents

There is no public access to SalesData but we do have public resources and handle media requests.

What can everyone see? 

  Publisher Distributor Wholesaler Sales Agent Retailer Indie Retailer Librarian Literary Agent

Market Snapshot

All Reports
(Bestseller, Market Share,
Title Trend & Titles by Market)

Volume & Value Sold for all ISBNs

ISBN Stock Levels & Units On Order


Stock Levels by Chain/Retailer


Stock Levels of Own Stores Only


Number of Stores Reporting


FREE Prospector Access


* Library Wholesalers have retailer access to sales.

Better Together


SalesData + BiblioShare

SalesData pulls bibliographic information from BiblioShare to display cover images and other details. 



SalesData + CataList

CataList subscribers who also subscribe to SalesData get single-click access to sales information inside digital catalogues.



SalesData + Prospector

Independent retailers who contribute POS data get free access to Prospector too. Take your market analysis a step further.


SalesData+Research & Education

SalesData + Research & Education

SalesData subscribers get access to exclusive research reports and publications— and users can play PubFight too!