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Ebook developer takes home $2,500 prize from Rakuten Kobo

The $2,500 grand prize in the second annual So You Think You Can Code (SYTYCC) ebook design competition, courtesy of prize sponsor Rakuten Kobo, has been awarded to Kristin Brodeur, Digital Associate Production Editor at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Print poetry sales grew by 79% in 2016

The number of print Poetry books sold in Canada in 2016 grew 79% over the previous year, the largest jump of any subject category in that timeframe. While this is largely due to the success of Canadian poet Rupi Kaur's debut collection, Milk and Honey, the subject has been seeing incremental gains over the last few years.

New studies dive into Canada's most popular book genres

This new research study from industry non-profit BookNet Canada, Deep Dive: The Mystery/Detective Book Buyer, digs deep into the sales trends and consumer habits of one of the biggest genres in Canada to find out how, why, and where Mystery readers buy books. 

Accessibility a growing priority for publishers of digital books

In 2015, 72% of Canadian publishers pointed to accessibility when citing the driving forces behind their digital publishing programs, according to a new report from BookNet Canada. That's a 17% increase over 2014, making it the second-most popular reason behind the need to increase sales.

ebookcraft's inaugural design competition has its first winner

ebookcraft's first-ever ebook design competition, So You Think You Can Code (SYTYCC), came to a close on March 31 when the 2016 grand prize winner was announced live to an excited crowd of conference attendees. Congratulations are due to Rebecca Springer, who took home the $2,500 cash prize courtesy of Rakuten Kobo, subscriptions to Adobe Creative Cloud and FlightDeck, and eternal nerd glory.

The first-ever Loan Stars list has arrived

Loan Stars, a new readers' advisory service fuelled by the votes and reviews of Canadian library staff, has officially launched with its first monthly list. The list, featuring the top 10 books being released this May, was generated through a collaborative voting process hosted on e-catalogue service BNC CataList and will be published at

Adult colouring books provide boost for Non-Fiction in 2015

The overall print book market in Canada remained relatively steady in 2015, with a 0.8% increase in units sold (52.6 million) and a 1.6% increase in value ($983.4 million) over last year. While fiction saw unit sales fall by 0.9% (accompanied by a 3.5% increase in value), non-fiction books saw unit sales increase by 5.5% and overall value rose by 2.8%.

Rakuten Kobo to provide $2,500 cash prize for ebook design competition

For ebook designers with the necessary swagger, there are some major prizes at stake this spring at ebookcraft 2016. The inaugural So You Think You Can Code ebook design competition will include a $2,500 cash prize courtesy of e-reading company Rakuten Kobo, alongside a one-year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud ($900 value) and a three-month 25-titles-per-month subscription to FlightDeck ($120 value).

Women will be front-and-centre at books-meet-tech conferences

From keynote sessions to panels, more than 50% of speakers at Tech Forum 2016 will be women talking about book publishing, technology, and marketing. On March 30-31, ebookcraft, Tech Forum's conference-within-a-conference on ebooks, will also be 50/50 designated for the second year in a row.

Ebook design competition debuts this spring

The future of ebook design will get competitive this March when designers and developers compete to design the perfect digital book for prizes and nerd glory at ebookcraft 2016. The inaugural So You Think You Can Code competition is open to all attendees and will be judged by a roster of superstar digital production professionals.

Mobile E-reading on the Rise

In 2013, the majority of Canadians who read ebooks intended to read them on e-readers, but mobile reading is on the rise, according to a report released today by BookNet Canada. The Canadian Book Consumer 2013: Digital Sales and Trends is the final report in a series of three studies based on quarterly surveys conducted by BookNet Canada in 2013.

What Influences Canadian Book Buyers?

In 2013, 40% of book buyers discovered the title they purchased online, according to a report released today by BookNet Canada. Book Purchases by Channel examines how discovery channels impact buyers of different formats (paperback, hardcover, ebook), and whether buyers of print books and ebooks are influenced differently by particular marketing and publicity initiatives, such as in-store displays, bestseller lists, or radio ads.

Who Is the Average Canadian Book Buyer?

In 2013, buyers of Self-Help books were mostly likely to make their purchases in chain bookstores or online, according to a report released today by BookNet Canada. The Canadian Book Consumer 2013: In-Depth Reader Profiles is the first in a series of three reports based on quarterly surveys conducted by BookNet Canada in 2013. The goal of this research was to study consumer book-buying patterns in depth, broken out by book genre, as well as to investigate trends in pricing tolerance, format preference, and where and why Canadians are buying books.