BiblioShare Webform

The small-business solution that makes metadata easy.

BiblioShare Webform is an easy-to-use online tool that allows small operations to create and manage book metadata, without messing around with complex ONIX files.

BiblioShare Webform is for small presses, unconventional publishers, museums, universities, self-published authors… in short, anyone who wants to provide clean, accurate metadata about their books to the supply chain through BiblioShare, but doesn’t have the resources to create complex ONIX files from scratch.

With BiblioShare Webform you can:

  • create bibliographic records for your books from scratch using a simple, intuitive form;
  • import bibliographic data from an ONIX file into Webform, where updating your data to distribute through BiblioShare is a piece of cake;
  • update your bibliographic record easily, and send it to all your trading partners at once through BiblioShare;
  • validate your bibliographic data before sending into the wild blue yonder;
  • use the bibliographic data from your print books to quickly and easily create metadata record for your ebooks;
  • and download complete and delta ONIX records.

Plus, BiblioShare Webform now supports <BASICMainSubject> tags for BISAC codes, which makes it easier for you to send Webform exports to Indigo. BiblioShare and CataList also accept <BASICMainSubject>, so this change will not affect your export workflows to these services.


Pricing is based on the number of title records (ISBNs) your organization creates or maintains using the Webform. The fees listed are annual fees.

Annual Price

$50 $150 $175 $200 $375

Record Limit

10 50 100 200 500
To create an account with over 500 records, please contact us for a quote.


No Contract required for our annual plans – you can cancel your account at any time and take a download of your full ONIX record(s) with you.

CataList Discount - Publishers who subscribe to CataList are eligible for a 25% discount off their annual Webform fee!

To request a live demonstration of the Webform, or if you have any questions, email

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