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Find and order Canadian books with ease

With a free CataList account, you can…

  • See which print books and ebooks are new and upcoming from multiple Canadian publishers at once.

  • Easily confirm whether an author or illustrator is Canadian (look for the maple leaf!).

  • Enter, manage, and export orders (and if you use Polaris ILS, seamlessly integrate them with your acquisitions process)

  • Access up-to-date, publisher-supplied bibliographic data, including interior images.

  • Export a brief MARC record for any catalogue or order.

  • View e-galleys from NetGalley, where available.

  • Find cross-publishers catalogues from many industry associations and organizations (AMPA, eBOUND, etc.), as well as awards catalogues (e.g., Books for Everybody, Forest of Reading, etc.).

You can also vote for your favourite forthcoming titles and turn them into Loan Stars. Getting involved is easy!

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