A Holiday Report from the Research Elves

It’s that magical time of year again, folks! Let our research elves share some insight about parents on the hunt for books for their children. Where are they buying books? How much do discounts affect their decisions? Read on for all that and more (plus graphs! Our elves love graphs)…

Finding Award-Winners on CataList

Canadians love their books. A recent National Reading Campaign survey found that 95% of Canadians read for pleasure, and books are their preferred reading format. But with so much out there to read, how does anyone decide what to pick up next?

Often, avid readers’ holiday wishlists are filled with the winners and finalists of Canadian book awards such as Canada Reads, the Giller Prize, and the Governor General’s Literary Awards. To make it easy for retailers and libraries to find and order Canadian award finalists, we’ve created catalogues for all the major awards on BNC CataList.

Reading, Apps, and the Modern Kid

It has been years since Apple coined the phrase “There’s an app for that.” Now, as we head into the time of year when smartphones, tablets, and other app-using devices fly off the shelves, let’s look at which apps and devices are the most popular among Canadians.

As part of our recent study of reading trends among young people in Canada, Measuring Attitudes and Adoption of Digital Content for Kids and Teens, we asked a series of questions about app usage and attitude towards apps as they relate to reading.

The New Reading Experience: BiB IV

Last week at Books in Browsers IV, Baldur Bjarnason gave a talk titled Interactivity Is What You Do that I kept referring back to over the two days of sessions. He pointed out that interactive media isn’t what you watch, hear or read, but is “composed of the meaningful actions the user takes while interacting with your work.” There are two affirming ideas in this statement. One is that “meaningful actions” has a wide enough scope to include all behaviour. Second is that producers of interactive works build an entire experience, not simply an object, for an audience.