Geekfest 2008

I seem to be one of those not-so-early adopters who live vicariously through my friends who either don’t have kids so have toys or have kids but also have an addiction to the latest gadgets. At any rate I can’t wait for one of them to start using….

“The Livescribe paper-based computing platforma smartpen, paper, software applications, and development toolswill be available online beginning in Q1 2008. The smartpen will be less than $200. Additional dot paper will be available at prices comparable to standard paper products.”

China's Sustainability Crisis

Without paper, no books. Without books, no supply chain. And without a supply chain, there’s no source of the revenue China needs to clean up the printing industry and make its way to a sustainable model.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the proverbial canary in the mineshaft for Chinese book buyers who are facing list prices nearly double that of the sixth book in the series.

Go vs. No-Go: Evaluating New Ideas

evhead has a great post on evaluating new business opportunities. We think about these issues a lot with when it comes to new features and functionality: How hard will it be to launch? How obvious is the benefit? How wide and deep is the value we can provide? How wide is the possible user base? How are people going to find out about it? How does it pay for itself? Is it something we personally think is exciting?