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Podcast: The Canadian book industry 150 years later

Podcast: The Canadian book industry 150 years later

To help celebrate Canada's 150th birthday, we sat down with Sue Carter, Editor-in-Chief at Quill & Quire, to discuss some of our recent research, what challenges are facing the book industry, what book buyers think of Canadian books, who the most well known Canadian author is, and lots more.

6 podcasts about book publishing you should subscribe to

6 podcasts about book publishing you should subscribe to

We've compiled six fantastic podcasts that are all about the business of books. Ebooks, sales trends, book marketing, and tonnes of other book publishing-related topics are covered across the hundreds of episodes in these podcasts.

Podcast: Publishers enter the bookstore game

Podcast: Publishers enter the bookstore game

Publishers opening their own physical bookstores seems to be all the rage these days. We sit down with two Canadian publishers to talk about their new shops and why they've decided to take the plunge into brick-and-mortar.

Podcast: How an 11-minute podcast can change a book's life

This week’s episode is very meta, in that it’s a podcast about podcasting. If your mind is still intact after being so spectacularly blown, and if you’re interested in how podcasting can help you build a relationship with your audience, then you should definitely give it a listen.

The talk is from Anshuman Iddamsetty, who up until recently hosted Hazlitt Magazine’s book podcast, The Arcade. (It was retired after more than 50 stirring episodes.) In his Tech Forum talk, he explains the unique power of sound and how it’s the ideal medium for fostering intimacy, trust, and loyalty. 

Podcast: Content marketing for book publishers

What if you could leverage content you already have (and, yes, books count as “content”) to build conversion architectures that turn casual audiences into committed readers?

In this talk, Brian O’Leary of Magellan Media Consulting outlines what opportunities are currently available to publishers, and how they can start thinking differently about how they market and sell content to readers.

Podcast: Scholastic's transmedia success

What do you get when you combine the power of kids’ books with games and online communities? If you’re Scholastic US, you get a transmedia property that results in a bestselling series, and millions of kids engaging with your content.

In this week’s episode, Scholastic’s Keith Fretz explains their strategy behind transmedia properties and offers some case studies to show how others can experiment with transmedia.

Podcast: A tale of two cultures

This week, Derrick Schultz shares a tale of two cultures: publishers with their rich history vs. the talented digital employees who have come to “disrupt” everything. This talk is a sometimes humorous, sometimes frustrating, but ultimately optimistic look at the future of the people behind the books.

Podcast: BookNet Canada research

In this week’s episode, our very own Noah Genner gives a quick overview of the research BookNet conducts and unearths some key trends and insights as they apply to bookselling and publishing in today’s market.