book market research

Infographic: Introducing the Canadian book buyer

Our awesome intern has combed through our new free report The Canadian Book Buyer 2015 and used some of those results to create this beautiful fall coloured infographic. Check it out for an overview of today’s book buyers: who they are, where and how they’re making their purchases, and what they’re buying.

Infographic: Discovering Kidlit

Where do teens discover new books to read? And how do parents choose books for their kids?

Culled from the answers to our Ask A Reader series, we’ve compiled some of the most eye-opening facts about discovering juvenile books and laid them out in a handy infographic.

Ask A Reader: Do readers care if an author is Canadian?

In our latest response to your Ask A Reader questions, we address the red-and-white elephant in the room: do Canadian readers even care (or know) if a book is written by a Canadian author? 

Podcast: BookNet Canada research

In this week’s episode, our very own Noah Genner gives a quick overview of the research BookNet conducts and unearths some key trends and insights as they apply to bookselling and publishing in today’s market.