SalesData Tips

SalesData Tip #11: From Tips to How-to's—A Cornucopia of Help Options

As we approach the fall, the industry’s busiest season, we thought it worthwhile to revisit the help options available on BNC SalesData. There’s nothing worse than being in a hurry and not knowing where to go for help. We, at BookNet Canada, are looking out for you and have provided you many, many ways to satisfy your hunger for help.

BNC SalesData Tip #7: New Shoes and No Blisters

The Spring season is just around the corner, daylight savings is coming to a clock near you this weekend, and we have put on our new shoes this week!

Of course by shoes we mean a pair of reports, out of the box and all ready to slip on. And they don’t cause friction marks! On the left foot, the Title Trend Report, and on the right Titles by Markets Report, looking all fancy with their buckles.

BNC SalesData Tip #6: Bibliographic Data Gone Bad

One of the most popular question topics from BNC SalesData users is bibliographic data: where is it sourced; how is it updated; and how can errors in the data be corrected? Since we love nothing more than to rhapsodize over bibliographic data and metadata in the supply chain, we’ll climb up on our soapbox and share all the details with you!