ebook development

ebookcraft 2015: Everything old is new again

Jackie Fry, BNC Director of Product Development, reflects on the evolution (or lack thereof) of ebook standards over the last decade and a half, and how progress is being made at conferences like ebookcraft.

The prickly question of formats

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a publisher in possession of a book must be in want of an appropriate digital publishing format.

Laura Brady, principal at Brady Type, a digital + print book production studio, thinks publishers should ditch their prejudices when looking for the right format.

A tale of two cultures

As more and more publishing houses bring in talented digital employees, there’s a likely clash of cultures on the horizon. How can publishers with their rich history work alongside technologists and their history of “disrupting” everything? Designer and developer Derrick Schultz takes a look at the future of the people behind the books.