The Canadian Book Market 2017

The Canadian Book Market 2017 is now ready for purchase! This annual publication reports on sales value, sales volume, and number of ISBNs with sales for the Canadian market in 2017. It also breaks down the share of the total market for over 50 categories, including Science Fiction, Poetry, Architecture, and others. But the data doesn't stop there! For each of the stats above, The Canadian Book Market will show you how the 2017 data compares with the data for 2016. It's a fantastic resource for publishers, booksellers, librarians, authors, and anyone interested or involved in the Canadian book industry. 

Also, included in this report for the first time is some top-level data from our Canadian Book Consumer research panel on formats and other buying trends.

Highlights of the print English-language trade market in 2017

We've compiled some highlights in the infographic below. But to get the whole picture of the Canadian book market, be sure to purchase your copy!

How many books are sold in Canada?

Here's a little more info from The Canadian Book Market 2017:

When looking at value and volume sold for 2017 as compared to 2016, in a consistent year-over-year subset of comparable stores, Fiction unit sales fell by 4% and value decreased by 0.5%, Non-Fiction unit sales decreased by 8% with value dropping by 5%, and Juvenile sales (including YA) were down 4% in terms of units sold and 6% in terms of value sold. [Editor's note: These Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Juvenile numbers have been updated from a previous version of this blog post.]

Overall, the top-selling book in Canada was The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson.

The poetry category continued to experience huge gains. In 2016, poetry sales increased 79% over 2015, and this year the units sold increased by another 154%. This can once again almost entirely be attributed to Canadian poet Rupi Kaur. Her book, The Sun and Her Flowers, sold the second-most in Canada in terms of volume in 2017, and her debut collection, Milk and Honey, also continued to perform well.

To get a full copy of the report and access more insights like these, purchase your copy here.