SYTYCC: Now open to all contenders

Attention all e-production aficionados! Whether or not you're attending ebookcraft 2016 (though we highly suggest you do), we want to give you the chance to show off any mad skills you might be packing at our inaugural ebook design competition, So You Think You Can Code. Our judges are cooking up a deviously complex EPUB file for you to mold into your canvas of perfection and possibly win some fabulous prizes, including the ultimate prize: bragging rights.

We aren't ones for giving out insider information, but we've heard that the judges will be awarding points, or subtracting them, based on these nine criteria:

  • Fine typography
  • Provision of accessibility content for all elements
  • Device agnostic
  • Rich navigation
  • Ingenuity/creativity of design
  • Adherence to standards
  • Errors caught and fixed
  • HTML updated to provide proper semantic markup
  • Semantic inflection

If you want to be on top Tyra Banks style (we are really mixing our reality TV references), make sure your entry not only looks good and flows like an ebook should, but also addresses issues of accessibility and cross-platform compatibility. And be on the look out for the judges to throw you a curve ball or two in the file.

Full contest rules are on the site, and the competition is open to all—we want to meet the best and brightest! Entry closes March 14, and files will be sent to all participants March 15, so head over to the site and use our sign-up form. Prizes include a one-year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud ($900 value!), a three-month 25-titles-per-month subscription to FlightDeck ($120 value!), and, of course, being able to say you are the best of the best (priceless!). May the odds be ever in your favour!