CMPTO: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Retail!

shopping robot imageThe holidays are an obvious time of year to start thinking about shopping so when we started to think about shopping as our theme for November’s CMPTO meetup we wanted to know how the retail experience is changing. We wanted to look at how technology was affecting the experience of shopping. So on November 19th at the Pilot we tune in to hear from three presenters who are enabling a shifting retailer and consumer experience.  
When it comes to mobile payment or the “digital wallet”, North America has a lot to learn from emerging markets. M-PESA in Kenya and GCash and Smart in the Philippines have revolutionized business practices where the banking infrastructure is not easily accessible. With the mobile phone and microfinancing solutions people in remote areas can operate their businesses more efficiently. The fact that we have a very strong infrastructure in place has meant that we haven’t embraced the use cases for mobile payment, but there is a wild scramble going on now for this space that includes Square, Google, PayPal, Apple and others for what is rapidly becoming the new payment space. Intuit was the first mobile payment solution in Canada and actually one of the only ones actively being used in Canada. Who better to hear from about the obstacles and opportunities of the m-payment space in Canada?  

Next we get a behind-the-scenes look at the way Mail A Tale is reinventing the subscription model. Mail A Tale’s mandate is to get kids excited about reading. Everyone gets excited about receiving a package in the mail. Like most things with kids, this excitement gets intensified. If you can think way back to when Harry Potter new releases were coming out, and if you had kids on the scene you will remember how brilliant it was when they got the latest one in the mail. Combine that with a “surprise” package informed by a personalized profile and you’ve got (warning—the following is not an actual solution for the peak oil crises) a perpetual excitement machine that if we figured out how to tap we could solve the world’s energy problems. Mail A Tale seems to have figured out how to generate this excitement and attack the problem of kids vs. books. Look forward to hearing all about the curation and personalization that goes into this great gift idea!  

And finally, isn’t it time you had an e-commerce site that doesn’t suck? Enter the darling of e-commerce, Canadian owned Shopify. Shopify enables your online store by making it a snap to set up your new site. They offer gorgeous templates, a frictionless shopping cart experience integrated with payment options and logistics solutions through their recent partnership with Canada Post. Shopify is a Canadian success story that launched in 2006 and now has over 100 employees working to make setting up your online store both pain free and quick. Who wouldn’t want to hear from a company that  enables over 30,000 online retailers in 20 minutes or less and who offers their employees the unprecedented perk of house keeping?

Come join us on the 19th, if you’re in Toronto. Just RSVP on the CMPTO meetup site.