Delicious Tech Forum Bites from Index//mb

Mark Bertils of Index//mb has some great follow-up interviews with BNC Technology Forum speakers (Susan Danziger on creating Daily Lit, Craig Riggs on the opportunities and perils in new distribution models and Hugh McGuire on how spending time is as important as spending moneyall great).

These are like those delicious little ‘bites’ that someone came out with a few years ago. You think you can satisfy your craving with just one little Skor-like nugget but before you know it, you’ve eaten the whole bag.

This clip from Andrew Savikas of O’Reilly Media is my favourite. Andrew’s point that there is never going to be a cheaper time to experiment underlines the theme of this year’s Tech Forum brilliantly. This is the time to create a culture of innovation. Encourage uncertain attemptsif it doesn’t work, it’s going to cost you less to find that out now. And if it does, then not only do you know more about your community, you have a better idea of what’s going to continue fueling your success.