Zero in on what's selling.

Prospector is a highly specialized analysis tool made exclusively for independent retailers. It analyses what you’re selling and tells you what you might be missing. And best of all it’s free for indies who contribute data to SalesData. (Not already contributing to SalesData? It's free and easy to set up: click here to find out more.)

You are the expert on your customers but with so many books in print and so much work to do, it’s easy for something to get overlooked. Prospector is there to help with stock and sales analysis customized for your store.

It’s also a collaborative system where non-competing retailers can go one step further and share stock and sales information for more sophisticated comparative data and granular analysis.

Gain a competitive edge

  • Spot missing titles that should be in stock.
  • Identify areas or titles that might be underperforming to strengthen sales.
  • Improve category development and performance.
  • Make room for more by spotting slow-moving stock.
  • Perform side-by-side comparisons of your store and peer or all market data.