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BookNet Canada Intern Search Fall 2015

Location: Toronto, ON (Downtown)

Company Overview

BookNet Canada is a small, not-for-profit agency dedicated to coordinating technological change for Canada’s book industry. The Globe & Mail calls us “the book industry’s supply-chain nerve centre.”

So what does that mean? Our 'customers' come from all over. From independent booksellers to multinational publishing houses, our relationships with industry players allow us to develop strategy to keep the Canadian publishing industry healthy and happy.

Position Description

You could be put to work on any of the following: helping us analyze important trends in Canadian bookselling; participating in PubFight (our fantasy publishing league); studying the impact of media and awards on book sales; compiling publisher and category market share for our annual publication, The Canadian Book Market; as well as testing new feature developments across our portfolio of surreally popular services for the entire book industry.

What's In It For You?

Marketable skills. Increasingly, a love of books and a publishing certificate aren’t enough. Publishers want their new hires to have the skills that allow them to be put to work immediately, and that means a proven ability to combine creativity, technology, and analysis. Data analysis and management, digitization, ebooks, blogs, social networks, ONIX—why not learn them at BookNet Canada, the source of all things technological?

Money! It’s one of the best-paid internship positions in the industry. We’re of the “get paid for interesting work” school of internships, rather than the “run a photocopier for free” school. How does $2,300 per month sound?

Qualifications — Please read carefully!

  • College diploma or equivalent current course study in a Publishing program.
  • A strong interest in the intersection of books and technology. If you want to be in sales, marketing, distribution, procurement, or operations, this will definitely come in handy.
  • An excellent grasp of Microsoft Excel. You need to be comfortable enough to learn quickly and painlessly.
  • High tolerance for painstaking research and strong problem-solving skills.
  • Flexible and adaptable. Well-organized and attentive to detail. We’re working on many projects at any given time, and you could get pulled into any of them.
  • Courage to speak up and voice an opinion, more courage to not be afraid to ask the dumb question. (If you aren’t asking at least four a day, how can you learn?)

The Other Important Bits

This position is available starting Nov. 2, 2015. Apply ASAP!
Apply by email only, attaching PDFs of both a resume and cover letter to with the email subject line: "Intern Position – Fall 2015"
Due to the volume of applicants, we will only contact those candidates selected for an interview. 

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