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The book industry changes at an accelerated pace and keeping up can be straining—but you don’t have to go it alone. BookNet Canada publishes timely and actionable research and develops professional development resources and opportunities so that your company is in the know and your staff has the know-how.


The Canadian Book Market

Our annual comprehensive guide to the state of the Canadian market.

BNC Consumer Research

Studies include The Canadian Book Consumer, a national study of book buyer behavior, Canadians Reading Canadians, and more.

The State of Digital Publishing in Canada 2014 [PDF]

Released 5/2015: A report on the size and scope of digital publishing programs in Canada. You can find the benchmark 2013 report here.

Alice Munro, at Home and Abroad: How the Nobel Prize in Literature Affects Book Sales [PDF]

Released 12/2013: A research study on the effect of the Nobel Prize in Literature on book sales in Canada and internationally.

Reports for SalesData subscribers

SalesData subscribers can log in to view two categories of research reports. General research reports look at the impact of awards, analyze backlist trends, and much more. In our monthly SalesData reports, we show you market performance and year-over-year analysis, and address key trends and fluctuations. These reports contain confidential information and are restricted to registered SalesData users. You can find your login credentials on the SalesData home page after logging in.


Tech Forum

Canada’s leading book industry conference where attendees gain new skills in workshops and gain exposure to new business models, case studies, and workflows from around the world, all while having the opportunity to network and engage in dialogue about the future of books. Get caught up on previous years with the Tech Forum video archive.


A fantasy publishing game that teaches inventory and P&L management in a fiercely competitive environment using real market data. 

BNC Blog

Your source for incisive industry commentary, business model analysis, tech reviews, and a little fun.


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Join BookNet staff and guest speakers for informative webinars that will keep you up-to-date on new and evolving standards and best practices. Topics include Thema, ONIX, keywords, and more.

Event sponsorship and participation

BookNet Canada travels across the world to participate in industry events as regional fairs, association AGMs, and international book fairs and expos.

We are proud organizers of CMPTO, a Toronto meetup where books and technology intersect and beautiful partnerships are formed.