Catalogues made easily. Ordering made easy.

CataList is a powerful online tool for marketing, selling and ordering books.

CataList digital catalogues are an affordable B2B solution for publishers, retailers, wholesalers, librarians and media. The system is searchable, interactive and customizable and its catalogues are easy to build, automatically updated and can be enhanced with full colour images and multi-media.

Made in CanadaIt’s a Canadian born and industry-led project designed to provide a full-service system at prices the Canadian industry can afford.

Start up costs are low or free, depending on your account type.

Going paperless is painless!

  • Catalogues can be created effortlessly using a publisher’s own metadata in BiblioShare, and are updated automatically when the metadata is updated.
  • Automatic notifications alert book buyers and media when something’s changed. 
  • Search the entire system across all catalogues to find the book(s) you’re looking for.
  • Shared notes and custom catalogues allow reps and publicists to create a more personalized experience for their accounts and contacts.
  • Title listings can include multi-media (extra images and video trailers) so all information is in one place.
  • Customizable, exportable order grids can be tailored to individual store preferences.
  • And going digital means going green, saving money on production and shipping, and broadening your reach by being accessible from anywhere.

Better Together


CataList + BiblioShare

Loading your metadata into BiblioShare makes it available for CataList new catalogue creation and automatic updates.


CataList + SalesData

SalesData subscribers have single-click access to sales information inside right on the Title Detail Page in CataList.


CataList + NetGalley

CataList has partnered with NetGalley. Now you can request a digital galley from participating publishers through their digital catalogues with the click of a button!



CataList + Prospector

If you’re an independent bookseller, Prospector data from your peer group is included too!