Infographic: The Canadian Book Market 2015

Click the image to download a .PDF of this infographic!

Click the image to download a .PDF of this infographic!

Because The Canadian Book Market 2015 breaks down the Canadian market into more than 50 subject categories, we could only fit a sampling of the information it has to offer into this infographic. In 2015, the market remained relatively steady overall, with a 0.8% increase in units sold (52.6 million) and a 1.6% increase in value ($983.4 million) over 2014. Fiction unit sales fell by 0.9% but saw a 3.5% increase in value, while non-fiction books saw unit sales increase by 5.5% and overall value rose by 2.8%.

Surprising no one, these fluctuations were largely due to the surge in popularity of adult colouring books. The Games and Art categories saw huge increases: Games selling 309.5% more units compared to 2014 and Art selling 163.1% more units. Across the whole market, titles in the Games category accounted for 3.1% of all units sold and three out of the top five bestselling non-fiction books were colouring books! Another unexpected category experiencing huge gains in units sold was House & Home (up 110%). This was due to the sweeping popularity of Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

Overall, the top-selling book in Canada, however, was still a work of fiction that gripped the nation and spawned a new buzzword ("grip-lit" – it's a thing): Doubleday Canada's The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. The other top-selling books across the whole market were (in order): All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr; Grey by E.L. James; My Secret Sister by Jenny Lee Smith and Helen Edwards; and Secret Garden and Lost Ocean by Johanna Basford.

Without a bestselling franchise taking off in 2015, Juvenile saw a 1.1% decrease in units sold over last year, accounting for 37.1% of all units sold in Canada. The top-selling juvenile title, Old School by Jeff Kinney, was also the top-selling hardcover title overall in 2015.

Hungry for more data? The Canadian Book Market 2015 offers a comprehensive guide to the Canadian market featuring in-depth category data. It's an indispensable tool for publishers, booksellers, librarians, authors, and anyone interested or involved in the Canadian book industry.