BiblioShare Web Services

Quality-assured metadata spread far and wide.

BiblioShare aggregates metadata and cover files from publishers/suppliers, and we make it available to you through the following web services:

All you need to get you started is a free user token.

ONIX Web Service

The ONIX Web Service allows an aggregator to pull a full ONIX record for titles in the Canadian market. This web service is for you if you’re looking for extremely detailed information about books. It’s big and complex, but gives you access to all the data we have on an individual title.

Cover Image Web Service

The Cover Image Web Service gives you full access to the most current covers available for books in the Canadian market. A thumbnailed version of the cover or the full sized image (or both) can be pulled, depending on what publishers have made available. This web service is for you if you’re looking for cover images, simple as that.

BiblioSimple Web Service

The BiblioSimple Web Service returns a ‘thinner’ version of the ONIX record, for those sites which don’t need the full record. It is designed for display purposes, so things like multiple contributor names will be grouped into one tag. It includes the basics: title, contributor names, format, publication date, price, etc.

BiblioShare Wordpress Plugin

BookNet Canada is pleased to offer book bloggers an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that will make posting book covers and basic title information quick and easy.

We developed this plugin with both bloggers and publishers in mind. Bloggers can use up-to-date information without having to perform additional research or fact-checking. Publishers benefit because it’s now effortless to share accurate book information with bloggers.

Publishers, retailers and media can use it, as long as you use as a content management system.

MARC Web Service

Our MARC web service allows you to pull a brief MARC record for any title in our BiblioShare database. This allows you to quickly create new records in your system based on publisher-supplied information, rather than searching for and manually entering data. We have options for a stub record and a more complete record: request a token below to get started.

Think You Can Handle All This Data?

All you need to get set up on any and all of the Web Services is a user token, which you can get for free by filling out our quick form. Or, if you need to do large data pulls and want a custom solution, contact us.