The fastest way to do business.

Pubnet EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) makes sharing orders, shipment notices and invoices fast and easy. Lose the paper and manual entry while gaining speed, efficiency and accuracy.

Made in CanadaBookNet Canada has developed an all-inclusive, flat-rate pricing structure with the Canadian industry in mind. Our tiered rate system is based on client revenue, which means affordable rates for all companies, large or small.

Pubnet EDI was used to send over 7.5 million documents last year alone.

Set up is easy.

Retailers can continue to use their current POS systems. Just set it up once, and you’re done: it works in the background and requires no staff training.

Publishers can use the POW web interface or use their own systems directly with Pubnet.

It’s fully supported.

Customer tech support is available from Pubnet through their website, email and phone from Monday to Friday so help is always close at hand.
BookNet Canada takes care of all the recruitment and maintains EDI standards for the Canadian industry.